What is in a name?

Discussion created by mdrennen on Apr 17, 2017
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Thus far my favorite story about the new branding and name change to Bluegrass Care Navigators came from an ADON (Assistant Director of Nursing) at one of the long term care facilities for which I am a Provider Liaison.  On a recent visit she shared that she had called her brother in law in Lexington immediately once I educated her on the name change.  He would not even hear of "hospice" talking to his wife (her sister) when she had encouraged him many times in the past.  She called him and said "you need to set up a visit with Bluegrass Care Navigators."  He was open to that, our nurse paid a visit and his wife is now a well attended Hospice patient.   Yes we assisted in "navigating" through the waters of healthcare.  40 years with the same name and reputation was an historic ride in  Kentucky.  Hospice, however, has many associated myths and having the opportunity to educate when there are preconceived notions is a marvelous part of my role.  It seems a name means a lot and with new service line additions, Bluegrass Care Navigators is a new name but still has the same experts!  It truly is never too early until it is too late.