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Your Gifts = Love! Did you know that the word “philanthropy” is a Greek term that literally means “love of mankind?”   Bluegrass Care Navigators is so fortunate to have dedicated supporters who through their philanthropy play a vital role in our mission’s success. I love meeting and interacting with our donors – their dedication to our work is… (Show more)
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The @mention functionality allows you to link a person, place or piece of content in the community.  This functionality can be used in when collaborating. When @mentioning a person the user is sent a social interaction notification in their Inbox. Depending on their preferences they will also get an email about. When @mentioning a place it will be…
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Mary Aycock
There are around 66 million informal caregivers in the United States, and the caregiving epidemic will only grow as America faces an aging population. Without a fancy education or formal training, family members are primarily the ones who are bearing the strenuous nature of caregiving. This experience can be a “chronic stressor” for the caregiver.…
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