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The person who is ill and the caregiver should choose the most comfortable place to sleep.  


Your Bluegrass Care Navigator can show you ways to make time in bed more comfortable. 


  • Lift sheets make it easier to turn, reposition and move people who are bed-bound. Fold a flat sheet in half and place it crosswise on the bed at mid-back and under the buttocks. Using the lift sheet, one or two people can move the patient up in bed without pulling on arms or shoulders. A lift sheet can be used to turn the person in bed. The lift sheet should be changed daily or more often, if necessary.
  • Have your Bluegrass Care Navigator show you how to use pillows and lift sheets to position your loved one securely and comfortably. 
  • A waterproof covering for the mattress can ease cleanup when a patient experiences diarrhea, vomiting, trouble controlling urine or profuse perspiration.
  • Protective underpads can be placed under a person in bed, making basic care easier.
  • Side rails may be raised for safety to prevent falls.
  • Padding side rails with a towel or blanket can assist during turning and daily care and can prevent injury.
  • Your Bluegrass Care Navigator can show you ways of changing the bed that will ease the caregiver's task and increase your loved one's comfort.
  • The simple act of turning a pillow to the fresh, cool side or placing a cool washcloth on your loved one's forehead can give great comfort.