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Wheelchairs are designed to allow those individuals who either cannot walk or have limited walking ability to be independent and mobile.



Wheelchairs allow people who either can’t walk or have limited ability to be independent and mobile.


Operating Instructions

Folding and unfolding the wheelchair:

  • To Fold:lift up under the center edge of the seat upholstery.
  • To Unfold:tilt the chair slightly to one side to raise the wheels on the opposite side off the floor, and then press down on center of seat.
  • Applying the wheel locks:Push forward on the lock tips, (or pull back on the “pull” to lock type), until the locks snap into the locked position.
  • Don’t attempt to enter or exit the wheelchair before you lock the chair.

Folding the footrests up:The footrests can be folded up by lifting up on the inside edges.

Releasing and swinging away the front rigging: Whether the wheelchair is equipped with standard footrests or elevating rests, this helps make closer approaches for easier, safer moves to beds, toilets, automobiles, etc. Simply push the release button and push the front rigging around to the side of the chair. While in this position the front rigging can be removed from the chair by lifting it off. Removal will make lifting the chair or loading into a car much easier.


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