Frequently Asked Questions About Funeral Homes and Burials

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Who contacts the funeral home at the time of death?

When the death occurs, call hospice at our 24-hour number, 855.492.0812, and a nurse will be out as soon as possible. The nurse will assess the patient and determine that death has occurred. When you are ready, the nurse will call the funeral home of your choice so the patient can be transported to the mortuary.


What happens once the funeral home has removed the patient from the home?

The funeral home will contact you and schedule a time for you to come in and make arrangements. The funeral director will guide you through the process and assist in making final decisions. If you have questions about cremation your funeral director can assist you.


Do I take anything with me to the funeral home?

If burial plans have already been made, bring the plans with you to the funeral home. If you are planning a visitation and burial, you will likely be asked to bring clothing and other personal items such as dentures, glasses, jewelry, etc. If you are planning a cremation and no visitation, it is not necessary to take burial clothing with you. You may also want to take any life insurance policies with you as the funeral home may be able to assist with a life insurance claim.


How is the obituary written?

The funeral director can assist with the obituary. If you wish to write the obituary, just notify the funeral director and they can make you aware of the guidelines that need to be followed. A basic obituary is usually no additional cost. If you want something special (like a picture) there may be an additional cost. You may be asked to provide the following: parent’s names, survivors, pallbearers, special friends and memberships.

When will I get the death certificate? What do I need to do to get it?

The funeral director will begin the process for obtaining the death certificate and can order certified copies for you. It is generally recommended that you request five (5) to ten (10) certified copies of the death certificate; the actual number needed will vary based upon your individual needs. You should also keep at least one certified copy on hand for future needs, as a request can take several weeks to process. If you need to order additional copies at a later date, contact the Department of Public Health, Office of Vital Statistics 502.564.4212. The cost is approximately $6 for each certified copy.


Certified death certificates are usually required for:

  • Social Security Administration
  • Insurance companies - 1 per company
  • Vehicle transfers - 1 for each vehicle
  • Property transfers - 1 for each piece of property
  • Other legal and/or financial matters


How much does a funeral and burial cost? How will I pay for the funeral?

The price varies based on services you want and each funeral home will give you a price list. Some funeral homes may not accept payment plans. If you need help with funeral planning, you may contact your hospice social worker.


In addition to the funeral costs there will also be a charge from the cemetery for the burial plot, as well as a fee for opening and closing the grave.



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