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There are several different types of content within the Share and Care community. Some are read only such as documents and blogs. Others, such as discussions, questions, ideas and comments, can be posted by all registered users. This guide below will help you to understand the different post types.


Discussions:  A discussion thread is where a community member seeks to share personal experiences, opinions, or helpful feedback. Think of discussions as a neighborhood water cooler, minus the gossip. The only rule is, do not disclose personal information that identifies a patient.  An example of a discussion is “I am thinking about bringing in respite care, but I fear my loved one will get angry?"  In this case, there may be many points of view and the suggestions or shared experiences may help you reach a decision. 


Questions: A question is where the member is seeking a specific solution to a problem they are having. The questions functionality allows the member or community managers to mark the correct response to the question, allowing others find that solution faster. Again the only rule is, do not disclose information that identifies a patient.

Ideas: An idea is a type of content where registered users can share helpful tips and tricks from their caregiving or patient experience. It is a great place to post about things you have discovered or ask what others think about something you plan to do.

There are several ways to create posts:

  1. Click the content icon in the secondary navigation bar > select a content type based on your needs.
  2. Click the pencil icon to and select discussion, question or ideas.

Private and Public Posts:
By default, content you create is public in the community and searchable. The power of this community is that everyone can benefit from the shared content. However, in rare cases, you may want to limit who sees content or who can collaborate on it.

Monitoring Your Content
Your account automatically follows all content that you create, so you'll receive an update in your Inbox whenever anyone responds or reacts to your post. You also have the ability to delete any comments on your posts, as well as remove the post entirely.

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